Rolls Royce Silver Phantom

Rolls Royce Silver Phantom

Rolls Royce PhantomThe Silver Phantom available for hire is the most popular luxury saloon available for hire in the UK. The Rolls Royce designers have ensured the traditional Phantom look is still intact with the unmistakable spirit of ecstasy and the hand built famous front grill. For many the imposing front grill and spirit of ecstasy is the most famous Rolls Royce trademark.

Moving on from the grill is the long bonnet. With this car measuring nearly 6 meters in length the bonnet takes up nearly a third of the total length. The main reason for this being the huge V12 twin 6.8 engine offering huge power unrivalled by no other luxury saloon.

The interior is also unmistakably Rolls Royce Phantom with an exquisite and luxurious interior. With the width of the car measuring nearly 2 meters there is an unprecedented spacious interior. With a lounge seat layout there is comfortable space for 3 passengers in the rear allowing for relaxing and sociable environment. This relaxing environment is also helped by the soft mood lighting through out the interior.

Rolls Royce PhantomMoving into the front of the cabin the unmistakable Phantom look continues with more of a modern look of the black Piano wood dashboard. Behind the clock is an LCD screen which is used for the electronic controls. These include built in satellite navigation, entertainment and communication. The traditional Phantom meets modern look continues with the eye ball styled air vents. Moving over to the drivers side of the cabin the illuminated dashboard controls add to the overall interior ambience.

Adding to the ambience is the sound system. The Rolls Royce Phantom features a Lexon sound system including a total of 15 speakers.

Taking all this into account it is easy to see why the Phantom is widely regarded as the ultimate luxury saloon of choice for any special occasion.